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Our workshops are both educational and entertaining. They are designed to be taken as a series.

  • Strategies To Address Your Child’s Challenging Behaviors & Everyday Parenting Questions

    • Learn practical, parent-tested strategies to address everyday challenges
    • Learn how to implement those strategies in real life circumstances
    • Ask for personalized solutions to your parenting challenges
    • Connect with other parents who experience similar challenges
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  • What Your Child’s Behavior Is Trying To Tell You

    • Learn to analyze challenging situations to understand the source of your child’s dysregulation
    • Learn to generalize these understandings to new situations to reduce disruptive behavior
    • Use this knowledge to help (rather than discipline) your child in challenging circumstances
    • Experience the power of parents helping parents
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  • Confident Parenting

    • Become aware of common limiting beliefs, habits and emotional barriers that can interfere with effective parenting
    • Create new thoughts and habits that uplift and support both you and your child
    • Learn to connect more deeply with your child
    • Learn to trust and grow your parenting skills
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