Strategies to Build Language

Helping Your Child Build Communication Skills

Whether your child is not yet verbal or repeating lines from shows or films, there are strategies you can use and actions you can take to help them communicate more effectively. In this workshop you will learn how to combine patience, persistence and joy to set your children up for success. You will also learn and practice leaving space for your child to communicate and listening to what they are communicating more fully and deeply. Our children certainly benefit from speech and language therapy, but you don’t need to be a therapist to have substantial impact on your child’s development of communication.

Workshops are 60 to 75 minutes each and take place via Zoom

*Professionals who participate gain critical skills to provide ongoing support to parents.

Full and partial scholarships available. Email [email protected] to apply


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Workshop 1 - Building the Foundation and Setting Up for Success

While our children benefit from every speech session they receive, they also need additional focused attention to communication skills every day and parents can reinforce and extend the important work that Speech and Language pathologists do with our children. In this workshop, parents will learn to interact with their child in ways that build and strengthen the foundations of communication. Whether their children are just starting to make sounds or already have a lot to say, parents will also learn how to increase their child’s motivation to communicate and practice strategies that will help children grow functional skills step by step beyond their current abilities.

Workshop 2 - Growing Enthusiasm, Flexibility and Skills For Increased Communication

Whether your child is just starting to babble or is scripting lines from movies, you want to help them extend and grow the skills they have. In this workshop parents will build on the skills they learned in Workshop 1 to help their children advance. Parents will learn how to playfully encourage communication without pressure and to engage with their child to expand flexibility in their communication.

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