Solutions for “Selective” Eating

Strategies to Address Picky Eating

Let’s face it – When our children refuse to eat healthy food, we as parents freak out. Sometimes our children have issues with the textures or other sensory features of food and sometimes they are just stubborn and inflexible about trying new things. When our children refuse to eat nutritious foods, we become fearful and stressed about their health and well-being. Our stress then often increases their determination to refuse new foods. In these workshops, you will learn strategies that will help you break this vicious cycle.  You will learn how to select foods that your child is more likely to accept and how to create an environment in which they are more willing to experiment. We know that trying to force our child to eat new foods doesn’t work. Join us to learn how to shift your attitudes and approaches to picky eating.

Workshops are 60 to 75 minutes each and take place via Zoom

*Professionals who participate gain critical skills to provide ongoing support to parents.

Full and partial scholarships available. Email [email protected] to apply


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Workshop 1 - Ending the Control Spiral and Finding Foods Your Child will Try

Workshop 2 - Creating a mindset, environment and action plan for success

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