Part III: Confident Parenting


The workshop experience will include fun, interactive activities and discussions:


Topics & Goals:


  • With a goal of becoming a more confident parent, we will explore the power of your beliefs and the language you use about your child and about your parenting skills. We will discuss the impact of those beliefs and language on your parenting style
  • We will engage in visualization exercises that focus on future positive scenarios and explore the impact of such visualizations
  • Parents will learn the importance of setting “process” goals for themselves and not just “outcome” goals for their children
  • We will explore guilt, why we have it, how it keeps us stuck and how to get rid of it!
  • This workshop is an opportunity to focus on you, the parent, and how investing in yourself and in developing your self-awareness can improve your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your child and your family.
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