Part II: What Your Child’s Behavior Is Trying To Tell You


The workshop experience will include fun, interactive activities and discussions:


Topics & Goals:


  • Parents will learn about the functions of behavior. By understanding what a child is trying to accomplish with behavior, you can help guide them to more effective behaviors.
  • Parents will learn to identify early signs of their child’s dysregulation and learn how to help their child maintain a regulated state.
  • Together we will watch videos of children in a dysregulated state and explore techniques parents can use to reduce tension and teach self-regulation skills instead of using punishment.
  • We will discuss the balance of creating predictability for your child while intentionally building in opportunities to build flexibility to adapt to new situations.
  • Parents will learn how to set “next step” goals that help children grow without sending them into a dysregulated state.
  • We will discuss the power of the online parent network and how we can both receive advice and offer it.
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