APC believes that parents can be powerful resources for each other

Ongoing Connection & Support

You’ve been there. You read about an approach. You are told about a strategy. You try them and they don’t work. Now what? That’s where ongoing support comes in…

After participation in an APC workshop, parents can join an online, confidential, members-only community of educators and parents of people with autism. The group is designed as a “learning network” to enable parents to share advice and solutions to real life issues as they arise.

The workshops help parents develop a common understanding and language around strategies to engage with their children. Every experience of autism is unique. But as the network grows, we expand the diversity of voices and turn isolated experiences into a rich community and learning environment.

Parents experience the support of receiving advice and also the empowerment of offering advice to other parents. When we help other parents work through their dilemmas, we build our own problem-solving muscles.

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