Why Should Autism Parents Connect?

Build your confidence, feel understood and supported, and help you and your family thrive.

  • Reduce Parenting Stress

    Research shows that parents of children with autism experience elevated levels of parenting stress. Studies have also shown that high levels of parent stress can actually increase your child’s challenging behaviors. APC will help you gain skills and confidence in your parenting to help you reduce your parenting stress which helps the whole family.

  • Learn Effective Strategies

    Created by parents for parents, APC offers a series of interactive workshops that teach parents how to implement effective parenting strategies in the everyday predicaments they face. Parents can ask for specific input on issues they encounter and practice applying techniques to common challenges so that they can use these methods in real-world conditions.

  • Access Parenting Comunity

    APC also provides access to a learning community that will deliver ongoing opportunities for education and social support as your child continues to grow. You’re not in this alone. Together, our community of parents will have an answer that meets your needs.

“You don’t need to learn to be an autism therapist, you need to learn effective parenting techniques that work with the other therapies your child receives.”

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Individual Consultations Available

Speak directly to an autism educator. Contact us about availability and pricing.

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Our problem-solving workshops are designed to help you build your parenting skills and confidence.

Ongoing connection and support ensure that you are never alone and that helpful guidance is only a click away.

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