Autism Parents Connect: Empowering Parents Through Education and Connection

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How We Help Parents

APC offers small group parenting workshops – experienced parent educators provide practical, constructive advice. Ongoing support in future workshops and in the online community offers the guidance, support, and understanding you need now!

  • Guidance

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed, confused and in need of guidance and advice in parenting your child with autism?

  • Support

    Do you ever wish that you could learn practical, parent-tested strategies and get personalized, effective support to address everyday parenting challenges?

  • Understanding

    Do you ever feel isolated and wish that you could find a community of parents who have been through and are going through similar experiences who understand your challenges and who could share valuable advice and guidance?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Autism Parents Connect
was created for you. Get the guidance, support, and understanding you need now!?
  • Strategies To Address Your Child’s Challenging Behaviors & Everyday Parenting Questions

    • Learn practical, parent-tested strategies to address everyday challenges
    • Learn how to implement those strategies in real life circumstances
    • Ask for personalized solutions to your parenting challenges
    • Connect with other parents who experience similar challenges
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  • What Your Child’s Behavior Is Trying To Tell You

    • Learn to analyze challenging situations to understand the source of your child’s dysregulation
    • Learn to generalize these understandings to new situations to reduce disruptive behavior
    • Use this knowledge to help (rather than discipline) your child in challenging circumstances
    • Experience the power of parents helping parents
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  • Confident Parenting

    • Become aware of common limiting beliefs, habits and emotional barriers that can interfere with effective parenting
    • Create new thoughts and habits that uplift and support both you and your child
    • Learn to connect more deeply with your child
    • Learn to trust and grow your parenting skills
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